Our Story

To understand our vision we want you to know what "Blossoming", or "To Blossom" actually means. 

"Blossom means to grow or develop." 

 Just like fruit can't form without the existence of flowers, we can't grow without our community.

With that said it's our utmost priority to provide true value to our community by means of; 

-Connecting our community with each other through an immersive story focused art project, Web2 revenue and providing holders to our network of profound web3 entrepreneurs and mentors.

Blossom takes you within a immersive story based in the world of Eterna, where a dying godess called Eta is in desperate need of the legends help to defeat Amino, the King of the bewitched. While we've been creating the story we also have been working on our Web2 streetwear apparel brand called "Blossom" here are some designs you can actually expect from us;

Beside our streetwear apparel brand, we've also been working on our Amsterdam based art studio called ''FLWR STUDIOS".

"FLWR Studios" will be a place of creativity where we provide jobs for independent artists and access to our services while taking a fee. 

Our goal is to share 15-20% of the companies revenue (as a means of dividend) to our "share"-holders as we intend to let every Blossom NFT act as a share to both brands. We intend to build/facilitate Blossom's vision and goals we stated above with the initial PFP mint revenue and royalties.