Before you check out our roadmap we want to make it clear and known to you that these are not necessarily promises, we will promise to fulfill everything we mention down below, but when and if they succeed depends on multiple factors that are not under our control.

Having a roadmap full of buzzwords rarely provides true value to holders, but is usually just a tactic to try and lure investors. Instead, as soon as the mint is completed, we will start providing our holders with cool anime-styled art while we try and do our best to build the empire our community deserves.

Mint Phases

Every whitelisted community member will have 1 hour to mint their BLOSSOM NFT. After this timeframe has passed, the designated phase and leftover tokens will be opened up to the public. This way of minting will be the same for each phase. (check out our FAQ for more in-dept details about our minting phases)